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"I love to cook creatively, and my excitement about new flavours and textures from all around the world defines that I create fusion cuisine. If you've visited any of my restaurants - The Providores and Tapa Room or Kopapa in London, or The Sugar Club, Bellota or dine by Peter Gordon* in Auckland - you'll already know something about fusion. But if not, you can get a primer in the Fusion section, or take a look at the Food page.

I'm based in the UK and New Zealand, and I travel a lot, so I mean it when I say that the global pantry is my inspiration.

This site offers a glimpse of what I've done, what I do and what I think of the world of food.

If you haven't yet been inside my restaurants, please come in and join the adventure!

Cheers, Peter Gordon"

* dine by Peter Gordon closed on 31st May 2013 to make way for my new restaurant, The Sugar Club.

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Crosstown Doughnuts: new London store

Crosstown Doughnuts' new pop-up store is open at Piccadilly Circus station.
Open Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm
Shop 7, Piccadilly Circus Station, London W1J 9HS
Where else to buy:

Selfridges Food Hall: every day
The Providores: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Leather Lane Market: Thursday and Fridays 8:30am – 2pm
Broadway Market (Schoolyard): Saturday 9am – 5pm
Kopapa: selected days

Other selected cafés and outlets throughout London.

See Crosstown's website for latest news