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Eating Well Everyday published by Jacqui Small

Available in New Zealand from 30th April here $45.00
Available in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia from 17th May here 22.00
And at all good bookshops or online

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I write my books myself - my books are not ghost written. I also cook all the food for the photos in my books at home where it's much more relaxing than in a studio. I cook on my domestic oven and hobs so you know that cooking times will work. The first book I ever worked on was Keith Floyd's The Best of Floyd, for Michael Joseph in 1995. I'm credited as home economist - which basically means I cooked all the recipes we photographed and gave advice on things that seemed a little strange with the recipes. It was an interesting experience and it made me keen to write my own book one day. Which was exactly what happened next.

  • The cover of this book
  • The cover of this book